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The ultimate audio and handbook appearance guide for men and women.

Dress to Win
Book and Cassettes

10 Steps to Maximum Personal Impact

by Dr. Shirley White

When it comes to appearance enhancement, much of the battle--as in everything else-involves motivation. That's why well-known football coach Tom Landry collaborated with Dr. White on this project. Knowing you need to upgrade your visual image is one thing. Making the effort to do it is something else. In Dress to Win, you get both--the incentive to improve your look and the wherewithal to do it.

Dress to Win: 10 Steps to Maximum Personal Impact is a professional development, self-help program designed to help both men and women project the most positive image possible. This program is written with you in mind. Whether you are new in the job market, a professional on the rise, a seasoned executive or someone in need of a confidence boost, Dress to Win will show you how to create a poised, self-assured impression. It will help you gain that extra edge which makes things happen--in your favor.

Author, Dr. Shirley White, president of Success Images, a corporate training and consulting firm, stresses, "You never have a second chance to make a first impression. Dress to Win teaches one how to project a professional image in each and every situation." The program underlines why personal image can be as critical to career success as education and experience. There is a special "Dressing for the Interview" section for those in the job market.

bullet Dress to Win can help you take charge of the way you look and make the most of your opportunities. Looking successful is a big part of being successful.
bullet Dress to Win can help you enhance your professional image as well as that of your organization.
bullet Dress to Win is a program for anyone who wants to gain a competitive edge!


"You never get a second chance to make a first impression."


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